7th Gleeble User Workshop India (GUWI'18)
October 12-13, 2018 | IIT Roorkee


GUWI provides a platform for Gleeble users in India to discuss the Gleeble related applications, operations and maintenance issues. GUWI workshop series is organized in turn by one of the Gleeble owner. Gleeble User Workshop India (GUWI) is an annual meeting of Gleeble User Forum India (GUFI).

Its aim is to provide a common platform for academia, R & D institutions and industrial establishments to
i) share research performed using Gleeble thermo-mechanical simulator
ii) present new process and methods developed for better utilization of Gleeble and
iii) challenges and solutions for uninterrupted operation of Gleeble.

Ever increasing demand for energy ef´Čüciency, safety in structures and lightweight materials for diverse applications pose challenging requirement on materials development. To address these requirements, both new and existing alloys need optimized thermo-mechanical processing parameters. The thermo-mechanical processing and heat treatment play a pivotal role in the design and development of high performance materials. Also, fabrication of the structure requires understanding of joining of the materials. Gleeble has proved its utility by simulating the industrially applicable processes at laboratory scale.

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