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GUFI announces 5th Gleebal Users Workshop India 2015
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- 3rd International Conference on Thermo-Mechanical Simulation and Processing of Steel
12-14 December, Ranchi, India
The 7th International Conference on Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing (ICPNS ‘13)
June 16-19 2013 - Oulu, Finland
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In the present global scenario, stringent requirements on product performance have led to an unprecedented emphasis on new steel compositions and technological innovations leading to efficiency, affordability and environment friendliness. The issues related to process and microstructural designs of new generation steels have witnessed major research and development priorities world over, envisaging several new application avenues in various fields including automotives, linepipes, earthquake resistant structures, electrical steels etc. The thermo-mechanical processing and treatment play a pivotal role in the design and development of high performance steels. Therefore, physical process simulation becomes a necessary tool for better microstructural understanding and useful predictions of ensuing process-structure-properties correlations. This forthcoming conference, therefore, will provide a common platform for academia, R & D institutions and industrial establishments to share new findings and update the current knowledge/understanding in the field of thermo-mechanical processing and simulation.


  • A platform for interacting with the Gleeble users community within India and other parts of the world.
  • To focus primarily on the ways in which people learn to perceive and put to use the concept of Physical Simulation with the Gleeble systems, and to address both theoretical and practical issues.
  • Practicing scholars and users in the field can share their research findings, and participant can have opportunity to engage in discussions about past, current, and future research directions.
  • The workshop serves as a gathering of researchers, practitioners, users and manufacturer whose work covers research or studies carried out in the field of thermo-mechanical simulation on a Gleeble system.

Objectives of GUFI

  • To bring together the national experts, academia, R & D establishments, industries and students on a common platform for learning, sharing and updating the latest developments in the area of thermo-mechnical processing of steels.
  • To provide a platform for Gleeble users in india to discuss the Gleeble related applications, operations and maintenance issues.

Scope of Conference

  • Rolling and forging simulation
  • Continuous slab and strip casting
  • Strip annealing
  • HAZ simulation
  • Large deformation processing
  • Powder sintering and dissimilar metal joining
  • Novel issues in phase transformation
  • Recrystallisation kinetics
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation
  • New applications and innovations in Gleeble use

Principles of GUFI

Relationships between officials, researchers and participants should enable reciprocal, balanced exchanges of knowledge, resources and time that recognise the value of diverse contributions in a respectful and appropriate manner.

Framework of GUFI

  • To further mutual learning of members, by case study examples of implementations and discussions of key issues.
  • To discuss, share and contribute to the enhancement better & efficient utilization of Gleeble equipment.
  • To include review of broader technology and research issues that have a direct bearing on Gleeble users while respecting the intellectual property restrictions of individual organization.
  • To assist in round robin investigations and identify facility for member program.
  • Provide a continuous feedback to the manufacturer for improvements and for new developments.
  • Presentations and speakers will be from GUFI members and manufacturer as a rule, although other complimentary products may also be discussed for the benefit of the members

GUFI Committee

The elected committee will be effective for a period of one year and the new committee will be formed during the annual GUFI AGM cum Workshop. Some of the members may continue during the subsequent years upon their selection. All the post will be Honorary in nature and no remuneration will be paid for any job.

The committee will be responsible for organizing the Annual GUFI Workshop under the leadership of the incumbent president. The expenditure for this event will be met through advertisement and sponsors whose details will be put on the GUFI website and the GUFI Workshop Proceedings.

Steering and Advisory Committee 2015

Dr. S.Srikanth, Director; CSIR-NML  
Advisory Commitee  
Dr. T. Venugopalan, Tata Steel  
Dr. Rakesh Kumar CSIR-NML  
Dr. Vinod Kumar, RDCIS, SAIL  
Dr. Sanjay Chandra, Tata Steel  
Dr. J.K.Chakravarthy, BARC  
Dr. I.Chattoraj, CSIR-NML  
Dr. Sivaprasad Palla, Sandvik Asi  
Dr. N.G.Goswami, CSIR-NML  
Prof. V. Subramanya Sarma, IIT-Chennai  
Mr. Todd Bonesteel, DSI-USA  


Dr. S. Tarafder, Chairman GUWI-2015, CSIR-NML  
Dr. S. Bhattacharya, Co-Chairman GUWI-2015, Tata Steel  
Dr. V. C. Srivastava, Convener; CSIR-NML  
Dr. G. K. Mandai, Co-Convener, CSIR-NML  
Oraganising Commitee  
Dr. K. L. Sahoo, CSIR-NML  
Dr. Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury, CSIR-NML  
Dr. Saurabh Kundu, Tata Steel  
Prof.  M.K.Agrawal,NIT-Jamshedpur  
Mr. Suyash Nadkarni,DTS-Mumbai  
Ms. Sheuli Hore,CSIR-NML  
Dr. Subrata Mukherjee, Tata Steel  
Dr. M. M. Humane, CSIR-NML  
Dr. Tanmay Bhattacharya,Tata Steel  
Mr. A.P. Murugesan,CSIR-NML  
Ms. Arthita Dey, Tata Steel  
Mr. V. Rajinikanth, CSIR-NML  
Mr. Sudip Kundu, CSIR-NML  
Mr. T.K. Bhattacharjee, CSIR-NML  
Dr. Jhumki Hait, CSIR-NML  
Dr. J. Konar, CSIR-NML  
Dr. A. K.Sahu,CSIR-NML  
Mr. Tipu Kumar, CSIR-NML  
Mr. Subrata Biswas, Tata Steel  
Dr. Palash Poddar, CSIR-NML  
GUWI events at a Glance
The 2011 Gleeble User Workshop and the National Conference on Gleeble Simulation was successfully held in the beautiful and scenic surroundings of JSW Steels Ltd., Toranagallu just 30 km away from ‘Hampi’; the magnificent capital of the mighty Vijayanagar Kingdom. JSW Steel Ltd. is one amongst the largest Indian, most modern, eco-friendly, integrated steel plant today. The organizing team at JSW lead by Dr. Madhu Ranjan kept no stone unturned to roll out their hospitality and execute the event to perfection. More..
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